Apartment building

2022 | New building
Pre-project, construction project
Winterthur, Switzerland

The task included the preparation of a feasibility study for the overbuilding of a plot of land to increase profitability and the implementation of the new building.

A feasibility study was commissioned from Toszeghi & Partner Architektur GmbH to clarify the general conditions under building law, to assess the market potential and to develop variants. This study serves as a basis for the development of financing variants. Based on the study, the project is now being implemented.

Conceptual study

To check the feasibility, the history of the property, the context and the surroundings were analyzed. In addition, a market analysis for condominiums and rental properties in Winterthur was conducted.

Variant studies

Our task was to check the building law and the legal framework. Likewise, we have created different variants in terms of MFH with terrace and different terrace variants.

Analysis of costs

Based on the concept study and the possible variants, we have made and prepared a corresponding rough cost and estimate of the construction costs a and necessary investment calculations.


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