Real estate development

Potential analysis of land plots

Variant 1:

Many buildings or plots of land currently offer unused potential. It is therefore worthwhile to have them analyzed. The utilization of building and zoning regulations is thus checked and maximally utilized for the respective property. At the same time, a profitability calculation is prepared. We also deal in this area with:

  • Market and location analysis
  • Examination building law
  • Property marketing
  • Project development
  • Value assessment
  • Rental price estimation

Variant 2:

Anyone who owns a real estate portfolio or property should constantly check the condition of the properties as well as their potential. We, 38 Grad AG, are the right partners for this with a lot of experience and knowledge around a potential analysis and building renovation for your properties.
The results of an analysis are as individual as the respective properties. These can include: better utilization of the land and the building, attic conversion or addition, with addition or conversion, energy renovation, renovation for the purpose of modernization, a replacement new building or the timely sale of the property with the appropriate marketer partner. You will be accompanied and advised by us in the best possible way in every variant you choose.

Calculation of profitability

In the process, the different investments and returns, for the respective property, are compared with each other. In the profitability calculation, the purchase price of the land, the construction and investment costs are thus included. Depending on the purchase price of the property, already there can be some impact on the return. Also more detailed information can be seen in the calculation, such as the heated and unheated area of the object, net living space, marketing costs, the income calculation for the rent, the building value and much more.

Example calculation gross rental return:

100 x annual net rent / property purchase price = gross rental yield in %.

Example calculation for gross rental yield:

400.000 CHF purchase price + 40.000 CHF additional costs = 440.000 CHF
Net rent per year = 20,000
CHF 20,000 / CHF 440,000 x 100 = 4.54 percent gross rental return

Example calculation net rental yield:

  1. Purchase price + incidental purchase costs
  2. Net cold rent - (annual) administration costs - (annual) maintenance costs = annual net income
  3. Annual net yield / investment costs

Example calculation for net rental return

400.000 CHF purchase price + 40.000 CHF additional costs = 440.000 CHF
20,000 CHF net cold rent - 800 CHF administration - 750 CHF maintenance = 18,450 euros annual net income
18,450 CHF annual net income / 440,000 CHF investment costs x 100 = 4.19 percent net rental return

Financing consulting

We are happy to help you with the real estate purchase necessary calculations. This includes the calculations of the equity requirement, the affordability, the costs, the annual savings and / or additional expenses and also gladly take you off the walk to the bank.

Through good partners we will quickly find a suitable bank with good conditions for you. Likewise, you will receive an independent calculation basis from us. The following questions are answered:

  • How much equity do I need to buy the property?
  • How big should my reserves be after buying a property?
  • How sensible is it to use 2nd and / or 3rd pillar funds for the purchase?
  • What income do I need to earn to afford the property?
  • What costs can I expect in the coming years?
  • What are the financial benefits but also risks of the purchase?

This can save you a lot of time and effort, as we can take care of the documents and communication with the banks for you, and then hand over a non-binding proposal. If you wish, we can also accompany you to the bank during the meeting.

Do you have any other questions? You can contact us at any time. We will be happy to answer them for you.

Restoration concept

Professional renovation can not only increase the value of your property, but also extend its service life. After the potential analysis we create the specific renovation concept with the dates and the procedures as well as the costs. Of course, we are happy to respond to your needs or those of your tenants.

Do you have a property which is protected as a historic monument?

"Historic preservation" can be a burden or an obstacle for some owners. We show you the different possibilities, which come into question for you as well as your budget. We also support you in the area of public subsidies, clarify the professional restoration or renovation. Our goal is to ensure that the listed object is restored in the appropriate architectural style and that you do not have to worry about any complications.

Sales, marketing and mediation

Do not leave anything to chance, especially if you want to sell your apartment, house, investment property or land successfully. Thanks to our years of experience and our strong network, we sell your property or land at the best possible price.

For starters, our experts will very carefully examine the value of the property or land. Thereupon, the appropriate strategy for the sale is determined and worked out.

After the object and project analysis, an individual marketing and communication concept is created. 

Our goal is not only to bring seller and buyer together, but we accompany the entire sales process such as land registry issues, preparation of the notarization, the conclusion of the purchase agreement up to the handover of the property or the transfer of the land.


Based on our experience, knowledge and partners we help investors to achieve their investment goals. Within the framework of our defined strategies, we search for land, development projects or existing properties that show potential and work out possible projects based on them.

Here we focus on:

  • Checking the current market
  • Properties with appreciation potential for sustainable returns
  • Individual consulting according to the needs of the investor
  • Investments with future scenarios
  • Coordination of all necessary expertises

We find and work out the right property for every investor. Please contact us for further information or an appointment to get to know us.

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