Architecture & Planning

We design, plan and realize your projects holistically, from the concept sketch up to handover of the keys.

in 2D and 3D

Do you want to build on an empty lot? Are there existing older properties on the plot?

We create the basics for your future project. This includes the as-built surveys of the plot or the building for construction and planning. If you wish, we can provide you 2D or 3D plans. We also digitize existing paper plans and can process them as a 3D model.

Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG
Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG
Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG
Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG
Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG

Planning of all SIA

You will be well informed and supported by our experts during the whole planning of the project. The SIA (Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects) phases are based on the time required and the basic performance of the individual phases and sub-phases. Included are e.g. analysis, concept creation and design options, building application and building permit, tendering, detailed planning, implementation planning, construction management, development of concepts, materialization/color concepts and the effective implementation/realization.

Thus your future project can be designed, planned and realized step by step.
We start with the strategic planning. Together with you we define your needs, goals, general conditions and the solution strategies.


The second step would be the feasibility study, where you will receive a dossier with the most important information. As the word feasibility already mentions, we check what is "feasible" for the suitable property. You will receive several variants and proposals for your project.

In the third planning phase we look at the conception and profitability, the project and the costs, as well as the authorization, the approval from the building credit and the further deadlines.

In the fourth step we award the contract to the contractors.

After that we enter the execution phase, which works until the end of commissioning. The construction is physically started and completed after an agreed construction period. At the present time, unfortunately, we must also expect delays. Here we try to keep all deadlines as good as possible in close exchange with the companies. Any delays will be communicated.

The manager undertakes, after the construction, to manage the building and maintain it for the defined period.


What is BIM and why
is it used?

Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG

In the future, we will develop more and more digital twins from our objects. BIM - Building Information Modeling, describes the networked planning, construction and management of buildings. The individual building elements are not only represented in 3D, but also stored with all information, such as in which room, what color and material it has and how much it costs. All plans, sections and lists of the building elements are then generated from the BIM model. A lot of time is also saved for the planning, as elements are automatically adjusted in all plans in case of changes.

It is also possible to search and filter the BIM models in order to display certain elements, such as all load-bearing or non-load-bearing walls or the changes from the last design status. Furthermore, BIM can be used for analyses and simulations. For example, for structural calculations, energy simulations or light and shadow studies. Even after construction is complete, the BIM model can help with management. For example, in case of a broken window, the janitor can quickly look up where which window was installed and the exact information so that he can order the same product. The tedious searching through documents is thus history.



We accompany you during the entire planning and coordination of the project. We also undertake to provide you with the necessary professional advice. For us, it is important to provide you with complete transparency.


We would like to simplify the construction process for you and save you a lot of extra time. You should not worry about future invoices, plans, offers, deadlines and contractors. As a helping hand, we take all these worries off your hands and organize your project from A to Z. During this time you have only one contact person.

Architects and real estate specialists - 38Grad AG

Reconstruction and renovation

Would you like a new bathroom or kitchen? A new room layout or expand the existing living space? Save energy and heating costs by renovating the building or replacing the old heating system? Are damages and wear and tear visible in your property? We will gladly help you to realize your ideas and wishes. Our task is to advise you in the best possible way, to bring out the highest potential of the property and to fit it into the surrounding environment. In addition, we help you to analyze the building and what measures need to be implemented to repair existing damage.

Of course, we also pay attention to the design, colors and materials and the overall impression in the environment.