Design in every detail

Our philosophy

38 Grad AG is an innovative, dynamic and digitised company in the architecture and real estate sector with locations in the hearts of Küsnacht, Zurich and Rheineck.

Our team combines specialists from architecture, construction, law, economics and psychology with a strong network of partners.

About us

"In life, the spoken word is not enough, man also wants to feel".

Or also lat. palpari "to caress".
Design is often not simply "beautiful". In the area of product design, the user experience is crucial, while in the area of designing a property, the eye should be stimulated in addition to functionality and movement guidance.
If we compare the development of buildings over the last 400 years, we see that the changing aspirations and culture have manifested themselves in the expression of real estate. Buildings remain the face of a society.
Is enough attention being paid to this claim today and tomorrow?

We, David and Christian, ask ourselves these questions every day. Together we founded 38 Grad AG. We stand for heart, mind, legal understanding, entrepreneurship, start-up experience and a love of real estate. We attract capable teammates through this attitude and are constantly expanding our family.

Designers, architects, interior designers, draughtsmen, lawyers, engineers, at 5 locations, three of which are in Switzerland and two in Greece, strive for the challenge of creating the most beautiful home.

It is the team, the conversation and the feeling that grow together to form a unity so that what we perceive under the bold term "beautiful" can come into being. Let us find out together what "beautiful" means to you. Working this out is a journey we would like to invite you on.

The publicly available literature names the "façade" as the designed, often representative part of the visible envelope or the outer skin of a building.
We take a close look at topics such as the building envelope, structure and design in order to bring specific parts of the building, such as the façade, to life, to enrich it with exceptional design, light, life and function, and to give the building its own identity. And this at all times, taking into account costs, quality and return on investment targets.

With us, our clients build residential buildings, commercial properties and entire housing estates with their own dynamics and quality of life that meet people's needs.

You have a property and would like to develop an interesting business case with us? Do you need a feasibility study or construction experts? You would like to talk to us about your financing? You have always wanted to develop real estate abroad as well...

We are there for you at any time.