Real Estate & Investment

Realizing interesting objects together

Together with our partners and investors, we invest in sustainable real estate and interesting investment properties.

Property purchase

The real estate is used as an investment and to buy apartments or houses directly.

Real Estate Stocks

Real estate shares are share certificates of entrepreneurs from the real estate industry who develop, build, manage and market the properties.

Property Bonds


Real estate funds

Professional investors - fund managers - collect the money to subsequently invest in several different properties. Through experience, fund managers can often generate high returns. When investing, investors have a choice between open-end and closed-end funds.

In open-end real estate funds, there are many properties in the portfolio. In most cases, they have an unlimited investment volume. Thus, the fund assets continue to grow as new investors come in with money. Likewise, you can sell the shares at any time.

In the case of closed-end real estate funds, however, the volume is limited. As soon as all shares have been sold, they are closed. Likewise, one must then keep one's own fund shares until the end of the term. With closed-end funds, moreover, investments are often made in only one or two properties.

Real estate crowdfunding

Instead of raising a lot of capital at once for a property, people join forces with many other private investors. This is done via an Internet platform and so people invest together as a "crowd" in individual construction projects. This means that small investors can also invest smaller amounts in larger real estate projects.

This type of investment is also called mezzanine capital and was previously only possible for large investors. Today, private investors can also benefit from high interest rates.