Who is '38 Grad AG' and how was our company founded?

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With a fresh breeze and new design, our new website is now establishing itself with its first blog.
You want to build a house or buy a property and are looking for a contact person who knows everything about architecture, buying and real estate and can answer all your questions?

Then you are exactly right here!

The "38 Grad AG" is an innovative, dynamic and digitalized company in the field of architecture and real estate

The company was founded by David, a graduate architect, and Christian, a highly recognized lawyer. The shared passion for design, architecture, aesthetics and functionality of a building, as well as interior design combined with legal understanding, entrepreneurship, start-up experience and love for real estate in general, make up the team, which has established itself both in Switzerland and Greece.

We are a young team with a desire to grow and learn something new every day.

As a young and dynamic team, we understand how to deal with time and its constantly changing and enriching trends. With the aim of improving and redesigning functionality in everyday life.

The pursuit of innovation and new forms that leave a lasting impression are particularly close to our hearts.

In our blog we cover a wide variety of topics related to both your interests and ours, and corresponding to our field of work "Architecture and Real Estate".

What can 38 Grad AG support you with?

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