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In today's blog, we describe our work process with an order in mind.

Before commissioning a construction project, there are a number of important questions and clarifications that need to be made in advance. A well thought out plan and thorough preparation are critical to ensure that the construction project is successful and without major problems. The following are some of the important aspects that we, at 38 Grad AG, discuss with our clients prior to the construction phase.

Architecture 38 Grad AG: What does our design process look like?

  • When one wants to build or renovate an architectural building, one hires a professional (architect, interior designer or engineer) to prepare a project in relation to the client's requirements and ensure that they comply with the applicable regulations.
  • After a client has contacted us, we first hold a personal meeting to find out what needs and requirements are required for the project and what type of construction project they would like to work on together with us.
    Contents are, for example, the needs for the space and the use of the object concerned. The resources related to the property, the building or the space in question, as well as the budget and time frame.
  • Consequently, all information is processed and missing points are added.
  • The preliminary project here describes the preliminary design in which the architect interprets all the information and processes it into a proposal for a feasibility study. For this purpose, cost calculations and profitability are also taken into account.
  • The next step is to discuss the idea with the client. If the proposed idea is good, it will be continued or, if necessary, revised.
  • After the first phase is approved, we move on to the construction project. The selected variant is created with more detailed plans, sections and views.
  • The construction application is submitted to the municipality. As soon as it is accepted, we start searching for specialized companies in the different sectors to prepare the construction project for execution.
  • The next step is to invite tenders from the companies / trades. These are active in specific areas and are contacted to submit an offer for the desired work. These include, for example, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers... Consequently, the company that the customer prefers or that has submitted the best and most comprehensive offer is selected.
    If it is a private building owner, it may be that he already proposes some companies and they are to carry out the work. Again, in the case of a public building, a tender is carried out.
  • Starting signal for the execution of the project at the construction site!
    In this case, the work is always supervised by a site manager or site supervisor who is in constant contact with the designer and visits the site from time to time to solve any problems that may arise.
  • At the end of the work, the inspectorate comes and checks whether all the work has been carried out in accordance with the canton's standards (in this case, the Swiss SIA standards) and whether these have been strictly adhered to.

After all these steps we guarantee professionalism, precision and that all (SIA) construction standards have been met.

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